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Ackerson’s Plan

brent ackerson

Louisville, KY: In conjunction with the Louisville Forum debate this afternoon, Democratic Candidate for Jefferson County Attorney Brent Ackerson has released the following plan for reforming the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office:

Have the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office fully audited and publish online the full extent of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office’s revenue sources and expenses.

End the practice of employees of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office being pressured to financially give to the political campaigns of the County Attorney and/or designated candidates of the County Attorney.

Extend services out into the community via satellite locations, to include after hours and weekend hours.

Engage liaisons to interact with various segments and demographics of the community in order to work to rebuild positive relationships with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.

Establish a Jefferson County Attorney’s Office Advisory Commission, consisting of various representatives of the community, including prosecutors, defense counsel, Judges, law enforcement, community activists, and ministers, to discuss areas of operations that need improvements and suggests changes to the Jefferson County Attorney’s operations.

Work to restore positive working relationships between the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office and the Judges, Attorneys, and government officials.

Increase the chances and opportunities for low level non-violent offenders to go to diversion programs and avoid criminal records.

Expand expungement procedures to remove financial hurdles and time constraint hurdles.

Avoid bond requirements for low level non-violent offenses. With regards to the opioid crisis, work with our treatment facilities and social agencies to get people treatment.

Have bench warrant amnesty days to encourage persons with outstanding bench warrants to come to court and get their cases resolved without the need for arrest.

Expand restorative justice practices in juvenile court and adult courts.

End gender pay disparity gaps for employees at the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.

Put an emphasis on youth programs in an effort to stem the violence in this community.

Work with families of children experiencing excessive truancy problems.

Councilman Ackerson said, “We’ve had the same County Attorney at the helm for 10 years now. Things are not getting better, but rather getting worse. New ideas and new approaches are needed to try to stem the crime and violence in this community. It’s time for a change in direction of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.”

Brent Ackerson is a candidate in the Democratic primary for Jefferson County Attorney. He was elected to represent the 26th District on Louisville Metro Council in 2008 and re-elected to the Metro Council in 2012, 2016.

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